Pan-African warmth. Woven in Ubuntu spirit.
Rooted in wellbeing.

Inspired by its namesake, the Eastern Cape town of Alice, eDikeni is a uniquely Ubuntu-centric kitchen-bar-lounge tucked away in Africa’s commercial heart, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Its location, 11 Alice Lane, is no accident. It’s a vision come to life for Ubuntu champion Lereko Ntshona, who grew up in Alice. But it’s not only a nostalgic ode to Ntshona’s hometown. Because of Alice’s historic and symbolic meaning, this space resonates with a heritage we all share. Being at eDikeni, surrounded by high-rises and corporate giants, feels a lot like being watched over by our great leaders, who overcame the odds to graduate from Alice’s Fort Hare University before changing our nation’s story. In a sense, Alice might be home to us all.

Trading hours

Monday to Sunday

08h30 – 22h00 Mondays to Thursdays

08h30 – 01h00 Fridays

12h00 – 01h00 Saturdays and Sundays

12h00– 22h00 Public holidays

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